LG 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV 32LJ550B 2017 Review

LG 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV 32LJ550B 2017 front screen

If you are thinking of replacing your old television with a new Smart TV, this is the right time. And, what are we doing? Well, we are just helping you in this quest. Finding a budget-friendly Smart TV requires some deep research. Leave that on us!

Meanwhile, the market is watching a revolutionary change in people’s test. Regarding this situation, LG Electronics, one of the most renowned brands in the television industry, has brought the LG 32 inch Smart TV.

Today, we will see what people are saying about it and how it performs till now. Hopefully, this can let you decide either to go for the product or not. Shall we start?

“Comes with all the satisfactory basic smart features”

According to the previous users, the LG 32LJ550B has all the required basic features for a smart television. Basic features does not mean that it is underestimated. When you have an intention of enjoying the best view, these are more than enough.

“Gives pleasure while watching”

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Most of the users are satisfied with the LED reflection of the product. The sound quality is outstandingly great. It shows the exact green grasses with the original blue sky. There is no faded reflection.

LG 32 Inch Smart 32LJ550B front right angle screen

“Responsiveness is tremendous!”

Who does not love fast control? A lot of previous users have compared the model with other famous brands. And, the result is good enough for bringing the television at home. It is faster, more responsive and user-friendlier than the other smart TVs with same price.

“Netflix works the best with this LG 32 inch Smart TV

If you love watching shows and movies, nothing is better than Netflix. And, guess what? This television has one of the quickest built-in Netflix access button. All you need is to start the LG 32LJ550B and enjoy the most popular shows around the world.

“Issues with Streaming”

Though Netflix works well enough, the streaming is not the best in quality. A few users have claimed glitches when trying to stream movies. Along with this, Sling App does not work in the model. So, if you are a Sling lover, this will not possibly the best choice for you.

LG 32 Inch Smart TV 32LJ550B front left angle screen


When the other brands are trying to introduce high-end expensive smart televisions, LG Electronics is trying to keep the price more affordable. People who are searching a budget-friendly smart television with a comparatively better quality, LG 32 inch Smart TV can be a good selection.

“Amazon Prime works well here”

Amazon Prime is one of the emerging desire of the users right now. Fortunately, the users have not claimed any problem about streaming Amazon prime with their purchased LG 32LJ550B. So, it works well.

“720p is not always for Netflix”

This one has been a vital point. In some user’s experience, we have found out that they have to stream Netflix in 240p sometimes. Though it has happened few times, you must check the quality and review from the others.

What Does This LG 32 Inch Smart TV Give You?

The features of the product are seem to be much friendlier for new users. Let’s take a look at how the TV can change your entire experience of watching shows.

side of the  LG 32LJ550B TV

High Definition View

As LG Electronics has committed to provide a crisp view, it gives a 720 pixel HD view. The LED technology has become one of the biggest interests among the users. For this reason, the manufacturer has used their best LED gears for LG 32LJ550B.

The screen has come livelier to the audience sitting in front of the television. There is no flicking sight while watching shows. The manufacturer has arranged a better brightness control for the users. Because of this, movies are not like movies anymore! It comes live right in front of your eyes.

Energy Efficient

If you have to pay high electricity bills, this TV may cut some of that sum. It is highly energy efficient. It not only consumes less energy but also produces less heat. As a result, the overall environment of the room remains healthy.

Better Color Adjustment and Luminance

The warmth of eyes requires a balanced color adjustment. The manufacturers have used the latest technology to better the adjustment. For making the visual livelier, there is a balanced hue effect seen in the television.

WebOS 3.5

The most important thing for any smart television is the usability of the smart features. This is why, the operating system is very essential. LG 32 inch Smart TV is installed with the latest version of WebOS 3.5.

Browsing and streaming have made simpler and more convenient for the new users. The features of this particular operating system are given here.

i) Toggle
Toggle between different apps and channels at any time.

ii) Queue
The WebOS 3.5 creates an automatic queue list for the user. It allows them to watch the favorite channels quickly. The access becomes quick and easy. The list appears right after entering into the interface.

iii) Favorite Listing
Shows, movies and online contents are now easy to find. If you sync the LG 32LJ550B to your smartphone or laptop, you can view the recently watched and favorite shows in TV.

iv) Intuitive UI
The user-interface depends mostly on how it is operated. The intuitive and responsive user-interface has satisfied the previous users.

v) Streaming status
Another unique feature of the LG 32 inch smart TV is the streaming control. The user can see the threads and how the contents are downloading. You may have to download an external app to know the status.

top front of the LG TV screen

Thousands of Applications

The store of WebOS contains a plenty of applications. To increase the enjoyment, there is no better alternative than using these apps. All it requires to download is a working internet connection. Choose an app and start watching your favorite shows. Here are some famous apps for example.

i) Netflix
Netflix is in the top of the list. Fortunately, the television has a preinstalled version of this application. This is why, you need not to download it after purchasing the LG 32 inch smart TV.

ii) Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is a popular application nowadays. Download it from the store and play using an active account. For a better experience, install a fast bandwidth system to your television.

iii) YouTube
Browse any newly added video on the internet with your YouTube application. It is also another preinstalled application. The user is able to stream videos using a Gmail account.

iv) Hulu
Hulu is taking over the industry with its attractive programs. Download the application from WebOS 3.5 in the LG 32LJ550B. Enjoy the new shows and classic movies.

v) Hotstar
Hotstar is a Bollywood based application. If you love music a lot, this can be a good application for the television.

Device Sync

Do you want to watch your recorded videos in a bigger screen? Well, the LG 32 inch smart TV can fulfill this opportunity. Split screen anytime using a downloadable application in your smartphone. It is called the LG TV Plus application. Turn it on and sync with the bigger screen. You may need to have an end-to-end Wi Fi connection or Hotspot facility in your smartphone for availing this feature.

Realistic Sound

The LG has tried their best to bring some improvement in the sound quality. You will be glad to know that they have succeeded. The virtual surround system gives a lively environment around the room. The audience gets more connected and enjoys far better sound quality through it.


The exterior design of the LG 32LJ550B is stunningly great. The user can either use stands or not. Hanging it on a wall adds a special sight to your room!

As you have already known the user’s experiences and features, let’s move onto the advantages or pros of having this smart TV at home.

bottom of the LG 32LJ550B 32 Inch Smart TV

Pros: Why You Should Buy It?

1. Price: The attractive price can be a good reason for bringing this TV at home. The affordability is quite rare. It will cost you less than $270 which is comparatively better than any other TVs.

2. Reviews: By observing the previous user experiences of LG 32 inch smart TV, it is sure that 90% of them are positive. In the question of trust, LG electronics has an established fame already. So, the product has to be trustworthy.

3. Features: All the features are highly optimized with the product. You need not to customize anything instead of installing some third-party applications. Also, some of the most essential TV apps are preinstalled. Smart features surely has a big reason to convince you purchasing the LG 32LJ550B.

4. Stable: The stability of the television is tested. No user has claimed for a refund till the date. This is why, there is a good possibility of ensuring the stability of this TV.

5. Less energy, more performance: LG has used the latest Color Master Engine as well as the LED screen in the LG 32 inch Smart TV. The actual advantage of having this technology is consuming less electricity. The performance gets faster when the load of electricity reduces.

6. Compatible: The TV uses the globally recognized application environment. The compatibility is outstanding. You can easily sync laptop, smartphones and tablet computers with the television.

7. Easy Access: With a 60Hz refreshing rate, the TV has an HDMI port and a USB port. It will be easier to use flash drives in order to play movies and watch videos stored in the storage device.

8. Remote Usability: Unlike the other TV remotes, this one is quite convenient for people of all ages. There are only essential buttons to make it easier for controlling the contents and user interface. If you want to use the smartphone as a remote, download any third-party app and start controlling right now.

9. Warranty Protection: Every newly purchased product comes up with an international warranty card. If any problem occurs, use it to repair.

There are some slightly disadvantageous sides too. They are given in following segment.

Cons: Is there any reason for not buying this television?

1. Wi-Fi: The Wireless network is not built-in it. The best way to avail is setting up after purchasing. Well, every LG 32 inch smart TV has built-in adapter. You need high-speed bandwidth connection for watching all your favorite shows.

2. Streaming Quality in some apps: Not all apps are good for streaming. Sometimes there are flickers and glitches noticed by a few users. Have a check right after installing apps.

3. Magic Remote: Sadly, magic remote is not included with the package. You need to buy that externally.

If you think these small problems may bother you, try some other choices. But the advantages of having the television are more attractive than these disadvantages.

Final Verdict: What Will You Decide?

Is your budget low but expectation high? Then, LG 32LJ550B is the best choice. There is a less number of alternative to this 720p smart television. It is difficult to find similar item in this price. With a minimum adjustment, you can have crystal clear view and realistic sound quality.

You can include the magic remote and other required accessories with a cheaper price. But the overall condition of this television is truly admirable. People are loving it and we hope you will like it too.
After purchasing, try to use the WebOS 3.5 with care and install every app after justifying the quality. Your Netflix and Amazon Prime experience will be more than just awesome. Finally we can say that LG 32 inch smart TV has all the required elements to entertain you and change your television experience. Have a good day!

Buy the LG 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV 32LJ550B on Amazon

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