Best 4K Ultra HD TV Review LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch 2017

What is the Best 4K Ultra HD TV ?: Is it the Right Television for your TV Room

LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch Best 4K Ultra HD TV

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When I bought the best HD TV it took me a whole week. I had to do the research and look through all the products, brands and reviews. I found the best but it costed me a lot of time. It costed me close to 64 hours.
That’s a lot of time I will never get back. I’m here to help you cut through all that time and give you the best 4K Ultra HD TV you can buy.


Now you won’t have to spend countless hours and days searching for the best. You can save your time and focus on what matters most to you. Let’s begin with the review!
The Technology is taking us to a whole new dimension. Do you want to move along with the change too? Here is the biggest chance to start right now by replacing your old television.
And, let me inform you that the best LG OLED C7P 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV from LG is the new sensation in the market.
Starting from the outlook to the overall specifications, everything is as stunning as anyone can desire from a television. And, you are getting it in such a competitive price.

LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch Best 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Curious? To inform you more of this amazing product, we are going to draw a full review on one of the best 4K ultra HD TVs available in the market. Ready to start? Here we go!
LG Electronics
Before we begin the major review of the best 4K Ultra HD TV, it will be a good way to know more about the manufacturers. LG is in the leading position for introducing innovative technology from for the last 70 years.
This South Korean organization is creating new history with important appliances, gadgets and tools.

When you are willing to reduce the hardship in household activities, it is a great idea to bring LG Product at home. Particularly in television industry, this company is renowned for bringing up energy efficient products.
The latest addition to their television industry is this new Smart OLED TV. The engineers have included almost all the required features to make it the best thing in the market.

Exclusive Features: How Can You Get The Maximum From It?
The success and usability depends upon the features. If the manufacturers can add amazing option, people will love it.
This one has come with some outstanding capacities. Now, most of your desires from a television set will be fulfilled.


  • 4K: This feature should be on the top of the list. 4K technology is quite a new thing for display instruments. It gives a clearer and fresher look.
    Even with a far distance, the audience can get a detailed view of the visual. Nevertheless, the 4K Ultra HD TV has the most stunning display feature.

    Imagine that you are watching sci-fi movie and is able to see all the background stars. Isn’t that incredible? Well, ours one is capable of transforming any media to the 4K Level.
    It delivers the clearest pictures and actual color for the normally recorded videos. So, if your movies are old, the visual feelings will be new.
  • Front right Angle of the 4K Ultra HD Smart
    Front Left angle of Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

  • B&W and Contrast: When this TV is in your home, the viewers will get a completely new experience about black background. According to the engineers of LG, “Black means black, not grey!”
    Unlike the other televisions, you need not to experience a greyish night color. The intense of night is perfectly shown in the best 4K Ultra HD TV.

    The pure black pixel background allows the viewers to get a proper feeling of night and inky pages.
    Also, when something comes up against the black background, it becomes clearer. For instance, a starry night becomes more beautiful if you notice the dark night.

    And, LG has maintained the contrast at their level best. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get the ultimate fresh visual from any movie, cartoon or image.


  • Dolby’s Collaboration: Dolby Laboratories has possibly added all their high profile technology in this TV. To get a full environment of Cinema, there is no better alternative than using Dolby Tech.

    • Dolby Vision: The first Dolby feature is the Vision. It allows the viewer to get the cinematic visual.
      When you are sitting in front of the 4K Ultra HD TV, it will take you to the cinemas. The wide-angle view enhances the feeling of surrounding objects.

    • Dolby Atmos: If you are not satisfied with the sound of your current Television, it is the right time for replacing that with this one.
      Because of the Atmos of Dolby, they have the best audio in the market. LG has introduced a whole new feeling of watching movies with Dolby Atmos’s audio effects.


  • 65-inchs! : I could not help adding this exclamation mark. If you have the TV in house, you will avail the full feeling of theater. The TV covers more than a half of the normal wall.
    So, you need to imagine this like a piece of picture frame. The frames are so perfect that you will not feel congested in the drawing room when the TV is turned off.

    As soon as you turn the best 4K Ultra HD TV on, the wall will turn into a lively one. The sound from Dolby Atmos spreads all over the room. From the corners to the centers, the audio will keep you mesmerized.


  • OLED: It stands for the Organic Light Emitting Diode, the newest discovery of the tech geniuses. This gives warmth to the viewer’s eyes and the viewer can watch medias anywhere from the room.
    Though it is not a curved one, the OLED can provide you the ultimate watching comfort through the LG Smart TV.

  • Dolby’s App: When it is about the Blu-ray streaming, you cannot resist enjoying the function. By using Dolby Access App, you can get the fastest and clearest streaming through internet or USB.
    Again, the HDMI cable allows the user to synchronize between your PC and the monitor.

    The feature is not preloaded in the 4K Ultra HD TV. The latest edition from 2017 has a software update.
    That means, when you need to stream or access from an external device, you must update or install the Access App from Dolby. It is easy, convenient and comfortable.

  • HDR: One of the major exclusive features of the best 4K Ultra HD TV is HDR. The high dynamic range media is a new thing in the technology.
    It gives a total lifelike feelings while you are watching your favorite movie. For example, the HDR streams the storyline scene by scene.

    Once you connect the TV with cable, broadband or PC, the HDR effect will start to show its magic. The most attractive part of the feature is its liveliness. You can actually feel the movie when you are watching it.
    And, of course the Dolby Atmos will provide the lifelike HQ sound. In short, it takes you beyond the OLED screen by creating all the surrounding environment.

    HDR is known as a premium level of content. So, you may avail the feature only when the media is recorded in HDR format. Otherwise, everything else will look similarly lively.


  • SMART TV: The TV includes all the smart features. Starting from the web app to the control, all has been equally synchronized. The engineers of LG are deeply concerned about making it a high-end television.

    • webOS 3.5: The latest version of webOS allows the user to experience a faster browsing with the best 4K Ultra HD TV by LG. The interface is outstandingly useful for almost all the age groups.
      If you are not compatible enough with complex controls, don’t worry! The UI is managed with the regularly watched movies, videos and functions.

    • Interactive: When you start watching anything on the TV, it will literally interact with you.
      To understand the preferences and commands, the engineers have installed interactive UI, management and organized facts in it. This is why, all you need is to turn it on for enjoying the movies and shows.

    • Magic Remote: It is as magical as its name. The remote allows the user to control it far from the distance.
      Don’t you want to use a remote? No problem. Download an app of LG from iTunes or Play Store. You can find almost all the options of a remote in here.

    • Watch Later: The option is a great tool for busy people. Suppose, you have missed the NBA match and it will not repeat again.
      What will you do? The simplest trick lies in this feature. Connect a flash drive and click on the “Watch Later” option. Done!

    • Internet Streaming: LG Smart 4K Ultra HD TV provides possibly the fastest internet streaming.
      It depends mostly on your internet connection. The buffering is minimized with the data-efficient system of the TV. But the quality of picture remains the same.

    • Netflix: Are you a big fan of Netflix? No problem brother! With a valid subscription of Netflix, you can enjoy fully optimized videos. The app is preinstalled.
      You can also access it right from your smartphone. Stream it on the screen and see the magic. Guess what? Netflix recommends to use this TV for the best performance!

See? Such stunning features are not available in the other similar television. Now, let’s move to some pros and cons of the television.
Pros: How Can You Be A Gainer When You Have This at Your Home?
There are a lot of advantages. Depending on your requirement, the TV can serve you with the best features, performance and accessibility.

  • Price: Before buying a product, it is important to justify the price. This 4K Ultra HD TV is comparatively low in price.
    Most of the similar TVs are overpriced. It is really difficult to find a 65-inch within a $3.5K price range. So, if you are looking for an affordable one, go for it!

  • Accessibility: The device is compatible with almost all the input materials. It has 4HDMI. That means, you can stream with 4 projector at a time.
    3 USB ports gives the advantage of including storage devices in different formats. For example, you can add a flash drive, a portable HDD and an MMC at the same time.
    The Ethernet line is for fast internet access. The cable connection is securely attached to the back of the TV.
    Whenever you want to switch between these connections, just go to the accessibility option. Start watching from any device.

    Back port of the Best 4K Ultra HD TV HDMI4, two USB ports, Antenna cable, LAN, ODA, audio & video


  • Convenient UI: If you want a secured line for the teenager at your home, the UI can help you in this segment.
    A friendly appearance of the UI provides a fully functional family mode. It means, you can actually control what the members will watch.

  • Smartphone Control: Do you want to control it from kitchen? It is possible now. With the mobile application, you can change channel and turn on the Radio.
    Not only this, but also you can store shows for watching in future.

  • Decoration: The sleek design and smart appearance of the Television can be a lucrative part of your drawing room.
    You can also use a TV stand to settle it on a table. Or, simply hang it on the wall with the mounting setup.

  • Back of the 4K Ultra HD TV
    Side of the HD TV
    Top of the OLED TV

  • Eye Protection: The OLED is the safest technology for your eyes. It keeps a decent ratio of contrast and picture. In the end, you will get a permanent eye protection.

  • Easy Control and Categorization: Anyone with a minimum knowledge can simply use every function of the television.
    An automatic categorization of Sports, Movies, Kids, etc. lets you find the appropriate program.

Cons: Is There Any Major Difficulties?

Of course not! There is no serious disadvantages of the television.
There is a minor dissatisfaction. People are nowadays more attracted to curved TVs. Instead of having this one feature, all the features are included in it.

Final Verdict: What Should You Do?

It is impossible to find such a high-end TV in such a small price. You should buy it as soon as possible. Pass more family times in the TV room. Add gaming console to enjoy time with kids.
To get a rich AV quality, it is recommended to purchase a membership plan from Netflix. Wherever you stay, don’t miss any show!

From the interior technological specification to the exterior look, everything is stunning. The TV will surely enhance your enjoyment. Bring it home and enter into a new dimension of entertainment.
Get the Best 4K Ultra HD TV


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