The Best HD TV 32 Inch On A Budget Review 2017

TCL 32S305 Television HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p with Roku Review 2017 front of the screen

TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Roku Smart LED TV Full Review: Should You Get This Highly Featured TV?


The Best HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV you can buy on the market for the price. Check out our review for this tv before you buy it. We got other reviews of HD TVs on here.
Are you looking for a HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV for your home? Well, it is time to replace the old TVs with the smarter ones. And, the good news is that the third biggest Television manufacturing company, TCL has brought an outstanding TV just for you!


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Today, we are going to discuss about this Television. It will help you in taking a right decision to purchase it. Curious? Let’s begin it with a brief introduction to TCL.
TCL: The Innovators!
If you keep update of the technology, TCL is a renowned name. For the last 30 years, they are in the top position for creating new gadgets and introducing stunning products. The TCL 32S305 Television HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p with Roku is a new addition to their company.
The company was founded by a Chinese entrepreneur and now it is one
of the biggest tech-manufacturer in Silicon Valley. This is why, their products have got all the required admiration from the reviewer.
As we are concentrating on their TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Television, we are going to show all the features, positive and negative sides (if any) and a verdict. Ready to start?

TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV  front right angle screen

Features: The Facts for Claiming It Eligible for Your Home!
Now, we will focus on the features that are the core of Roku Smart LED TV.

  • Design: The overall rating of the design is 8.5/10. You may have seen a lot of new generation smart TVs. But, there is none like this one. The sleek design allows the user to keep it in front of the sofa.
    The lucrative modern outlook adds a gorgeous look to your drawing room.
    Not only this, but also the wall-mounting option is much more secured than the other similar products.
    The designers have kept in mind about any accidents. This is the reason that 2017 edition has come with a tighter mounting panel. Hang it anywhere and get a wide view!

    Do your current TV look good when it is turned off? TCL does! The frame is like an art board. Consider it like a famous painting. It will look great even if the power is off!


  • Picture Quality: When your channels deliver high resolution movies, the television must be compatible with it. Keeping this fact in mind, the engineers have included an HD technology of streaming up to 720 pixel picture.

    It is a privilege for offices, homes and meetings. Whenever you wish to watch HD movies or drama, just turn the Roku TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch on. The high definition 720p resolution gives an ultimate warmth to your eyes.

    Becoming an smart tv, it is fully packed with advanced streaming technology Nevertheless, there is no bouncing or buffering if you are in an active network.

    While we are talking about the connectivity and picture quality, there is no chance of ignoring the Wi-Fi system. The TV contains a stunningly refresh rate as well as dual band data transferring system.

TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV  front left angle screen

  • LED Tech: The TV is in LED, the upgraded one from LCD. This technology allows the viewers to watch shows and videos from any angle.
    When you are sitting in a couch and your family is in the center, everyone will enjoy the video similarly. It will not create any obstacle in your eyesight.


  • Simplicity: To be honest, TCL has kept it real simple like Apple Inc. They have created the product super-simple so that everyone can adopt the functions at ease.
    Talking about the UI, a 5-year old child can watch its favorite cartoon channel. The accessibility wizard in the device is better than the other “so called” smart LED TV.

    In a short period of time, the user is able of switching on any of the 4000 channels available here. Also, having a cable connection makes it easier.
    Just connect and click on your mouse. See the list of channels and start watching your favorite show.

    If you fond of playing games with your children, switch to the gaming console. There is a hundred of games both offline and online.
    Choose any one of them and pass a great time with your family. Add gaming devices or CDs to make it convenient.


  • Get Connected: Keeping a flow with the previous feature, the TV is compatible with every available connection in your locality. Depending on your region, access the channels with any one of these. It works equally.
  • Cable Connection: When you have a paid dish line, you have the chance of getting all the subscribed channels in here.


  • Antenna: Don’t want to pay money for entertainment? No problem! This TCL 32S305 Television HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p with Roku has the capacity of capturing terrestrial channels directly from air. The tuner captures it all and transfers directly to your television screen.


  • Wi-Fi: This is one of the major reason of calling this TCL 32S305 Television HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p with Roku a smart one. In this YouTube generation, nothing is bigger fun than streaming from internet. Whenever new video is released, you can watch them to 720p on your TV.
    You don’t have to watch in the tiny screen of your PC. Enjoy videos directly from internet with your family faster than anyone can imagine. The Dual band receiver can stream the videos as fast as your PC.


TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV back of the tv

  • Search Privilege: Tired of skipping channels for finding the targeted one? This is a boring job! Again, using the remote or remembering the channel number is quite devastating.
    Sudden change in the cable connection creates a mess in channel’s list. For example, you know that Netflix is the channel no.203. If there is any problem with the connection or tuning, where will you find it?
    It becomes easy with this tv. Now, save the channel and access anytime without spending much time.
    If you are not comfortable with the typing, use Voice Search. Roku gives all the privileges for their reputed customers of this TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Television.


  • Mobile Application: Remote is for the old generation. Smart generation uses smartphone. And, here is the success story of TCL.
    Along with the system, interface and streaming technology, they have developed a fast mobile application to use as a remote.
    If your wife or child hide the remote or break it, use the app to search for channels and watch the favorite shows.
    Even, you can save channels or subscribe with the application. The app includes a plenty of advantages. Do you want to know? Let’s take a look at them.


  • Remote: Transform your smartphone or tablet as a remote. Enjoy streaming
    unlimited channels by accessing through it.


  • Privacy: If you are not satisfied with the sound or want to listen privately, the app allows to give you the best and crystal clear sound. Plug in the earphone and start listening!


  • Voice Search: Talk to your phone and it will find your favorite show in a second. The voice search and keyboard search work perfectly when you have the app installed in the phone.


  • Sharing: When does the entertainment become real fun? Simple! If you can share the moments, videos and pictures with friends and families, the bonding becomes stronger.
    The app gives an opportunity to share these multimedia formats of entertainment with families and friends. Watch together have fun!


  • Stream: Sometimes the tiny screen of smartphone becomes inadequate for watching YouTube or Netflix movies. Stream them using the app. Done!


  • Remote: Finally, the remote is the best one I have ever seen in smart televisions. The navigation process is as easy as watering in your plants. There are in total 20 buttons.
    Their colorful illustration is very helpful for old people. When you have old parents at home or children, a remote must be user-friendly.

    However, the app has more functionality. But, not everyone likes to use smartphone again and again for changing channels or streaming videos. A remote does the job easily for the viewers.

These are the exclusive features of the Roku Smart LED TV. Interested? Take a look at the Product right now!

Pros: What Are the Basic Advantages of the Features?

  • Convenience: This product has brought the complex technology easily available for everyone. Even though you are not an expert, the TV is still much comfortable for viewing.
    From the outlook to the remote, everything is designed conveniently. Setting up is also simpler than the other TVs.
    For example, the buttons are limited here. Which means that you are free from remembering the channel number.
    Secondly, the colorful buttons and easily accessible interface have increased the enjoyment several times. Such convenient usability is very exclusive.

TCL 32S305 HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV remote

  • Budget: When your budget is not much for a smart TV, go for this TCL 32S305 Television HD TV 32 Inch Smart TV 720p with Roku . You will avail almost every benefits of smart TV with a lower payment. The price is quite low than the other models. Also, a 32 inch television could cost a lot.


  • Latest: Gadgets are being updated every second. This one is an edition of this year. So, the buyer gets the most of it.
    You don’t have to tension about upgrading a newer one. Because, it includes almost all the required hi-tech features. Feel free to bring the latest product of TCL!


  • Lucrative: The design, outlook and internal appearances are hugely effective for giving a personalized feeling. Black is always preferred color for televisions. This is why, the lucrative blackish exterior is surely admirable.


  • Longevity: As there not much complex features, the smart LED TV lasts longer. Becoming a famous brand, TCL is keeping their product at the peak.
    When you buy it, there is no worry of finding another one for a long time. Use it as much as you want.


  • Energy efficiency: LED is generally a highly energy-consumer. But, the latest technology of TCL allows this ROKU 32 inch HD TV to use the energy efficiently.


  • USB and Other Ports: As we were discussing about installing it in meeting room, the USB port and HDMI port gives you the chance of preparing for the formal presentation. Get your flash drive in the port and deliver the best presentation ever!

See? All these advantages are available with the latest TCL Roku TV.

Cons: Is There Any Reason for Avoiding It?

Not much mentionable! Actually, when you are going to buy a gadget, there is a possibility of having some minor issues. For example, this 32 inch TV has limited brightness and picture quality adjustment settings.
This can be a minor issue when you take a look at the major advantages. In the end, this TV is one of the most favorite among the buyers.

Overall Impression about the TCL Roku Smart Television

The above review gives a positive vibe for the product. As we have seen earlier that the buyers are satisfied with the performance, the product has surely got something in the package.
All the features are available which are important for a smart TV. Usability and compatibility are assured. The warranty is from the manufacturer. So, you need not to worry about the servicing.

TCL’s fame for making winning product is continuing with this one too. We strongly recommend for purchasing this product if you want to spend money for something good.
This product cannot disappoint as well as adds an extra beauty to your living room or drawing room. The family time becomes more enjoyable when you start watching same thing together.


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