Sceptre 32 Inch Smart TV 720p LED TV X328BV-SR 2017 Review

Sceptre 32 Inch Smart TV 720p LED TV X328BV-SR 2017 front screen
If you are bored with watching movies and videos on your old television, you should definitely bring something new. In this smart world of technology, it is hard to find a low budget high quality television that looks excellent.

That is why, we are going to discuss about the Sceptre X328BV-SR. We will see some commonly found user feedback and features of the product. Then, you can decide either to buy or not.

First of all, the company profile is very important. If you are not a US citizen, this name can be heard little unknown.

Well, it is a California-based company and providing a great service in the world of electronics for the last three decades. Speaking of the particular television, you may keep trust on the quality.

As you already know about the company, let’s begin our discussion with a bunch of user feedbacks. These will help you in finding what the other customers are saying.

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“The Smartest Television without any Smart Functionality”

Basically, the Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV does not have any Smart functionality. Smart HUB or WebOS do not exist in this television’s system. Despite of having this feature, the previous customers are very happy.

Because it has extraordinary compatibility. The television has suited with their requirement. Not all of the audiences want to stream.

Some audiences prefer to watch shows directly from cable connection rather than having a broadband connection. But the functionality is outstanding.

According to the customers, we can state the Sceptre X328BV-SR as the preceding version of Smart Television.

When you like to watch real time shows like the old days but want to get a good look, this is the smartest television without any smart function.

“Unbelievable Price!”

Most of the customer’s happiness for owning the television is its price.

It is quite difficult to get a high-end television in such a low price. The slimmer the television is, higher the price will be. And, this is where Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV is an exception. You can avail the device in less than 150 bucks.

The previous buyers have claimed a satisfactory report. They have found it a perfect example of keeping a nice performance-price ratio. The performance is great and the price is incredibly low.

Nevertheless, the package includes all the required tools. So, it will not require to buy any additional tool or accessory for the television.

Sceptre 32 Inch Smart TV X328BV-SR front right angle screen

“Lightweight, but Strong”

An interesting feedback is often found from the buyers of Sceptre X328BV-SR. The television weighs only 9.65 lbs. which is very light. Instead of having high risk of breaking, the TV has shown an outstanding stability and durability.

One of the customer’s child pushed the television from top of a table. It fell, but did not cause any damage.

This strength is the result of including the best quality of alloy body and strong plastic. Without any doubt, it has the most durable exterior body.

“Lack in Radio Function”

Though it is not a smart featured television, some customers wanted more capacity in it. They have claimed a requirement of radio functionality. It was not much difficult for the manufacturer to add it.

If radio stations could be added in the device, there could be a high chance of attracting people in deserted places. Not everyone wants to watch shows, some wants to listens.

And, with the improvement of radio frequency, local stations are strongly dominating. An improvement in the Sceptre 32 inch smart TV, will be helpful for the future buyers.

So, if you are expecting a television with FM radio stations, there is no luck!

“Takes too much time to start”

There is a few complaints filed about long starting time. People do not like to press button and wait for a long time to get started.

The booting system has to be improved in order to maintain a proper customer satisfaction.

Also, the Sceptre X328BV-SR needs external cable that consumes more places. This will not be a good idea to buy the product if you leave in a small and congested room.

“Awesomely Stunning Graphics!”

Using this as a gaming accessory is a great decision. The picture quality is stunning. The graphics is comparatively better than any other similar products.

No customer has stated any issue about flickering or glitches. The clarity in picture has won the heart of the previous buyers.

“Sound quality is average”

Sceptre has a commitment of ensuring great picture but not a great sound quality.

You need to add external speakers to enjoy the clear sound. Also, the equalizer system is very much basic like the old TVs. For game lovers, real sound effect is a must.

The previous customers who have bought Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV for playing games in PS or XBOX, also purchased external speakers.

“Good one from Sceptre”

The largest portion of the customers are satisfied with their television. They wanted a television with nice picture quality and got a better one.

The performance is satisfactory. The television is being used in offices and guest rooms deliberately.

Old ones in the family are big fan of such a television with no complex feature. In short, people are loving it!

back of the Sceptre X328BV-SR 32 Inch Smart TV

Features: What Makes This Sceptre 32 Inch Smart TV Good?

  1. Smart Look:

    The TV looks smarter than the most of the televisions. It is designed perfectly for any environment.

    It suits even in your garage. The package includes wall mounting accessory. Hang the device on the wall and enjoy shows and movies.

If you want to keep the Sceptre X328BV-SR on a table, the base stands are available too. This will not cost you anything as the company provides everything in the package.

However, the backside part of this television needs to be placed in a clean place to prevent short-circuit.

  1. MEMC 120:

    For some people, this is definitely a new term. MEMC refers to Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation.

    This is a high-end technology to draw a picture from frame to frame. Sports lovers are certainly going to love this feature.

The auto-enhancement of the quality adds an extra flavor to the picture. For example, the Bond movies or Marvel’s cinemas are packed with back to back action.

Sometimes, because of the damaged picture quality, audiences cannot enjoy the actual taste of that action.

Having MEMC 120 in your Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV allows every user to get an outstanding picture quality in football matches and movies. This is surely a contributing factor for the buyers.

  1. Energy Star V7.0:

    Have you heard of the term “Energy Star”? For some of you, this can be a totally new thing.

    It refers to a criteria of machines to get passed as an environment-friendly appearance. The Sceptre X328BV-SR has already qualified in the test.

According to the Energy Star certificate, the television does not create any greenhouse gas. Rather, it saves your electricity bill by reducing the energy consumption.

It uses the minimum amount of electricity for running. As a result, there is almost no risk of short-circuit.

  1. Smart Device Sync:

    Though this television has no smart functionality, there are some simple functions that will win your heart. Mobile HD Link or MHL is one of them.

    Connect your smartphone or any sort of media device with the Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV and stream directly from the device. Get an enhanced view of your recently captured video or picture.

MHL will help you in rendering official documentations. Also, this is a great way to enjoy family meetings. Capture photos and videos.

Then, connect the cable to the television. Done! The MEMC 120 as well as MHL will start to work together and make your media clearer, better and more spectacular.

  1. HDMI:

    Do you want to project and enjoy a high quality picture from the television? Well, this Sceptre X328BV-SR provides the HDMI setup. For instance, if you need bigger screen for working in your laptop, this TV is going to help perfectly.

The HDMI cable is all you need for the task. Just connect and play. It gives a wider view and an enlarged picture quality. Movies, videos and pictures will be rendered through the TV in HD format.

This is why, gamers are loving the television. They can play HQ games using the television as the monitor.

There are two HDMI ports for the maximum connectivity.

  1. USB:

    When you have an external HDD or a habit to store movies in flash drive, this Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV is going to be one of your best friends. It has USB ports for watching movies and saved files in Flash drives.

  2. Latest TV Technologies:

    Ignoring the Smart HUB and smart functionalities, the television includes all types of latest technologies. It has LED display which is a good addition for the best picture quality.

    HDMI, VGA, USB etc. Ensure the overall compatibility of the television. In short, the features are main ingredient for buying the machine.

side of the Sceptre X328BV-SR 32 Inch Smart TV

Pros: Why this is The Television you are looking for?


Sceptre Inc. is a well-established television brand because of making inexpensive products. The television costs less than two hundred bucks. Anyone can buy the Sceptre X328BV-SR for homes and offices.

According to some users, they have bought more than two televisions for guest rooms and office decoration purposes. You can be a part of that community too.


Nowadays, being compatible is one of the major requirements for any machine. The television has enormous compatibility option. It fits with your requirement as well as your other accessories.

People will not feel any problem dealing with this amazing television. The MHL or HDMI or USB port indicates to an open communication system in the Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV.


The exterior part is as smart as it adds an extra layer in the room decoration. The slim size and perfect height will be your favorite.

Health Issues:

As we stated previously that the television features Energy Star V7.0 which is a remarkable milestone for being an environment-friendly device. It saves electricity and does not produce harmful rays.

Also, the LED display gives warmth to your eyes. This technology protects eye from blindness. It also prevents from fatigue. Simply, the Sceptre X328BV-SR is a good selection for keeping up a good health.

Easy Controls:

Elder ones of any home do not like to use complex things. You can just set the television to their rooms and they can operate it easily.

The remote has some basic buttons. As there is no Operating System included like the Smart Televisions, you don’t have to worry about connecting a broadband connection.

The Antenna itself is enough for streaming national channels. Add satellite connection for increasing the capacity.

Cons: Is there any reason for avoiding it?


You can ignore the product if you want to buy a fully smart-functioned television. The Sceptre X328BV-SR has basic usability. The features are similar to any other commonly found television.

External Accessories:

The buyers has to buy some cables externally. It could be added to the package as the previous customers have claimed the problem.


The remote has an old-fashioned system. There is no chance to operate the television from your smartphone or smart device.

No power backup:

There is no internal power management system. If there occurs any electricity failure, the Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV will be shut down immediately. This is a common problem with the gamers.

Final Verdict: What Should You Do?
The decision depends upon your requirement. The overall Sceptre 32 inch Smart TV review and feedbacks are mostly positive. There are some minor problems for the lack of smart functions.

Otherwise, this one is a perfectly compatible television with all the basic features.

Buy it if you need to watch movies and channels from satellite connection.

Forget any broadband connectivity. Enjoy the shows telecasted in channels in real time. And, connect external storage devices for watching stored media. Have fun!

Buy the Sceptre 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV X328BV-SR on Amazon

Buy it on Amazon

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