Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV 1080p Smart LED TV UN32M5300A 2017 Review

Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV 1080p Smart LED TV UN32M5300A 2017 front screen

What makes your leisure more enjoyable? Well, one of the most important parts of our lives is to spend time in front of our television. If the television provides a great performance, you will not need any other tool for passing time.

This Samsung 32 inch smart TV 1080p has won customers with its amazing performance. But, we have encountered reviews taken from different type of customers to present an honest overview for you. Shall we start?
At first, let’s have a look at what others are saying the most.

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Wow! This TV fulfills every criteria of a good product.”

The television comes with a package. Customers have claimed that the package includes all the required software and hardware. You need not to go for external purchase.

Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA was primarily delivered without the base. After some customer complaints and applications, Samsung has shown the generosity of including a well-balanced base stand along with it.

Also, the package includes safety materials and cables. Almost all the customers have enjoyed the inclusion of padded wrapping. There is a very little chance of breaking. However, if anything happens accidentally, Samsung has the offer of replacement in 3 days. Some customers have faced it and got new ones.

Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV UN32M5300A front right angle screen

Loving the smartness of UI and Apps”

The Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p comes with convenient setup procedures and an ultra-responsive user interface. If you are leaping from analogue to smart directly, you are going to enjoy the transition.

Nevertheless, the control is quite easy. VUDU has been preinstalled in the television. This is the reason you will not need to install any streaming apps.

Customers are mostly satisfied with the user interface. There is several ways to deal with the preinstalled apps.
However, you always have the liberty to bring the customization by yourself. The WebStore is always available in the Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA.

Nice picture quality”

Samsung Electronics has used their top notch technological minds for developing the picture quality. It delivers an outstanding 1080 Pixel quality which is the best till the date. Now, you can play any HD movies and enjoy shows with it.

The previous customers are enjoying the quality. Unlike the other so called “HD TVs”, it does not glitches. Customers have used Blu-Ray devices and other players for justifying the committed quality. Without some network issues, it streams pretty well.

Minor problems after turning on”

Surely, not all the customers are adapted with VUDU. Some of the customers are still feeling alienation with this app. It appears right after the startup. A popup window appears and the app starts streaming. Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA needs few primary steps to skip this setting.
Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV UN32M5300A front left angle screen

Wi-Fi password limit is not good enough”

There is an interesting issue coming up with the product. If you have a Wi-Fi password exceeding 32 characters, you cannot login through the television.

Because the manufacturers have limited it in 32 char. Without this minor issue, there is no serious problem of network in this Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p.

Netflix was expected to be preinstalled!”

Netflix is undoubtedly the best streaming platform all over the world. The top class television shows are found in here. Instead of getting it preinstalled, the customers have to install it from Web Store.

Some customers are preferring it to VUDU. They have found that software inconvenient. The expectation of a flawless Netflix access could bring more customer for Samsung Electronics.

Affordable and good one”

A lot of customers had doubt about the price. Other LED Televisions are costly. People who are planning to replace the old television with a Smart one, the Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA should be in the first position.

Customers are loving the price as well as the performance. According to their reviews, the ratio of price and performance is better than any other smart television.

Samsung could include a wall-stand!”

The current customers have bought wall-stand for their television from a different source. People want to hang a good looking television on the wall.

This is why, some customers have claimed the manufacturer to add a wall-stand along with the package.

Best smart TV in such an attractive price”

Most of the customers are loving their newly bought Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p. It’s features, price, performance and usability are making them to love the product.
side of the Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV UN32M5300A
These are the commonly found feedback for the television. Except some minor problems occurred with Wi-Fi, the television is providing a promising future for the respected buyers. Now, it is time to see some features of the product.

Features: What Makes the Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA A Smart Television?

  1. High Definition Picture Quality

Do you want to get a crystal clear natural picture of any movie or TV show? The television reflects with a 1080p picture quality.

This makes it a better one in enjoying the vivid view. Whenever you are watching a sci-fi or HD picture, the television is going to make your eyes satisfied.

Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p has used the LED technology for making it eye-friendly. Viewing angle does not matter much in getting the best picture quality. You can sit anywhere in the room and enjoy the show as the person in front of it.

LED is also good for eyes. For delivering 1080p, it uses the full capability. If you can add a device that can render this quality, the television will work at its best. So, you are going to get a vivid and vibrant HD quality from this Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA.

As per the commitment of the manufacturer, it gives two times clarity than the typical HD televisions available in the market.

  1. Color Enhancement

People want to enjoy old pictures in new look. And, guess what? This television has a stunning color enhancement technology.

It brings back the old memories in a new format. Actually, the modern color reflecting technology allows the television to increase the depth pixels.

As a result, the audience enjoy a colorful version of the media. No matter how old the movies or picture is, the color enhancer of Samsung 32 inch smart TV 1080p makes it totally new in watching.

To watch HD movies and shows, there is no alternative but to use the color enhancer. This is also important for wide angle view. Every audience will get equally brightened and enhanced view in the room.

Sometimes, movies are not available in HD format. This TV will cover that gap without any doubt.

  1. Smart Technology

Samsung is known as one of the leading companies all around the world because of the incredible improvements in smart devices.

This is why, this smart TV has unique characteristics. The latest addition to the feature is to get connected with social media through Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA.

Stream your favorite movies or TV shows using the preinstalled applications or your favorite TV app. An active internet connection is compulsory for this purpose.

You can use Netflix, YouTube as well as Amazon Prime in this television. To get the best experience, the user has to login using the cable network or a wireless network.

  1. Connectivity

Yes! The Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p has an extraordinary connectivity feature. It includes two HDMI ports which is commonly rare in most of the similar products. Usually, one port is enough.

To make it compatible with more than just one projecting device, Samsung Electronics has make this exception.

Secondly, the ConnectShare Movie feature provides a fast video playing privilege. All you have to do is connecting a USB storage device and the TV will synchronize by itself.

And, for your information, the preinstalled apps can play almost every type of media format. Accessibility was never so easy!

  1. Sound Quality

Entertainment involves both audio and visual effects. For developing it as one of the best in the market, Samsung has used the DTS Premium Sound 5:1 Technology.

While watching an action or adventure movie, the sound quality will naturally take you in real.

Nevertheless, Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA has the best sound equalizer and control feature. Among all the other devices, it has made an outstanding example of providing a realistic sound quality.

  1. Eco Sensor Technology

Like all the other smart products, adaptability is deeply concerned while manufacturing this television. It judges the brightness of the room and availability of light.

After that the sensor of Samsung 32 inch Smart TV 1080p adapts the brightness for giving warmth to audience’s eyes.

Interestingly, this adaptability tremendously saves energy. It will be a good idea to save some money in electric bills.

  1. Smart HUB

Who doesn’t want to enjoy watching things in bigger screen? The feature can connect all your smart devices wirelessly or with cables.

Watch your favorite shows and movies from the queue. It can also resume YouTube and Netflix videos by synchronizing from your account.

Find the shows using keywords. For doing it, you must have a working connection and an account.

Well, these are the basic features of Samsung UN32M5300AFXZA. Now, before you decide, let’s have a side by side look at the pros and cons of the product.

Pros: Why It May Fit Your Choice?

  1. Price: It is difficult to find any better product that has 1080p LED display in less than 300 bucks. This attractive price is one of the biggest reason for suggesting the television for you.

    Some people consider paying higher price for better quality. And, that is not a good choice all the time. This TV performs as good as a costly television.


  3. Display: The overall picture and audio quality of the TV have made it a customer’s choice.

    If you want to enjoy any show or movie in full HD mode, this is this is undoubtedly the best selection. The LED technology in the Samsung 32 inch smart TV 1080p is still ruling the market.


  5. Compatibility: The device is compatible with almost all the devices and platforms. This universality gives you the chance to download any TV app and use it in here.

  7. Ease of Control: Any person who is newly using Smart Television, can control it without any problem.

    The easy settings and easy menu options have made it convenient for them. So, if you have no previous idea about smart TV, bring this to your house.


  9. Stable and Durable: The manufacturers have used alloy body in order to make it stronger and less breakable. The dust-proof feature allows the user to keep it anywhere in the house.

  11. Warranty and Repairing: This is the last phase and according to customer’s reviews, less required! You don’t need servicing the television often. Well, some special cases do exist.

Cons: Should You Avoid Purchasing It?

There are two mostly filed complaints about the television.

  1. Wi-Fi Password: As we have previously discussed from some user’s feedback that there is a limitation in the length of password.

    The user cannot use more than 32 characters. Either you need to avoid buying the Television or change the passcode of your router. And, trust me, second one is easier and more profitable.


  3. Popup apps and menu:After turning on, some unrecognized app suggestion appears. It annoys sometimes.

Finally, What Should You Decide about Buying It?

If you overlook some minor difficulties, the Samsung 32M5300AFXZA is one of the best in the market for you. Buy it and start enjoying the ultimate smart TV features. There are more buying options. But those are comparatively low in quality and high in price. Only this one has a promising performance-price ratio.
Bring it home and enjoy streaming favorite shows. Have fun!

Buy the Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV 1080p Smart LED TV UN32M5300A on Amazon

Buy it on Amazon

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