RCA 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV RTR3260 2017 Review

If your current television experience is not good enough and you want to replace it, this replacement procedure should be done carefully.

After introducing the smart TVs, people are rushing toward this amazing television technology.

But, there are some contributing factors that may hamper in your path to buy a smart television. In the meantime, RCA has brought their new RCA 32 Inch Smart TV.

Today, we will focus on this device and see how it is serving the users.

Our experts have found out a lot of feedback from the current RCA product users. You will find it here in a generalized format in order to find a mass review. Let’s start with some feedbacks.

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“Slim Size Fits Everywhere at home!”

Almost all the current and previous customers have claimed that the slim design of RCA RTR3260 fits beautifully.

It refers that the designing team of RCA has worked very hard to design such a stylish exterior for the television.

The buyer can setup the television in offices, houses as well as public places. It looks great after hanging on the wall or keeping on the table.

Depending on your desire, it will fit nicely anywhere you wish. The television will not require any extra space or cables.

side of the RCA RTR3260 32 Inch Smart TV

“Great Quality in Affordable Price”

One of the most common problems that people faces is dealing with the price of a smart television.

Fortunately, customers of RCA 32 Inch Smart TV are satisfied after buying a smart television in less than two hundred dollar. This allows everyone to bring a nice and smart television at home.

Well, sometimes there remains a misperception about low price products. According to market researchers, not all the low budget devices are bad.

For example, RCA has kept down the price to meet with their competitors in the television industry. And, the outcome is very promising. People are loving the product and its features. Also, the price could not be much more affordable than this.

“RCA could add a better remote”

Some customer have filed complaint for a better remote with the television. The RCA RTR3260 comes with a ROKU 3 system. That is way too old fashioned for the users. There is a plenty of chances for improving the remote.

People are asking for an appropriate controller along with basic upgraded ROKU controls. This will allow them to get the best functionality from the television.

Also, the remote apps available in the internet do not work perfectly all the time.

The customers have used Proscan system to deal with the problem. Apart from this minor remote problem, there is no disturbance in controlling the RCA 32 Inch Smart TV.

“It literally talks with the users!”

The users are loving the product because of having an intuitive UI. You will not feel bored handling the television at all.

From the setup beginning to the finalizing installation, everything is just fine. Anyone with a minimum knowledge in smart technology is able to handle the product.

There are some buyers who presented their parents this television. They are still enjoying shows, movies and videos without facing any difficulties.

The feedback is important if you want to get a convenient smart television at home. Undoubtedly, the RCA RTR3260 is able to fulfill your wish.

back of the RCA RTR3260 32 Inch Smart TV

“Loveable Display”

A 720p display refers to a clear and crisp picture quality. This is the reason that people are purchasing the product.

Almost all the customers are satisfied with the display and video quality. There is no flicker or no glitch.

“Great connectivity”

Most of the current users are happy with the streaming function of the television. To provide a good service to the customers, RCA has improved the connection capacities.

Nevertheless, if there is any problem with the bandwidth, the TV creates a control panel for switching the networks.

“Sound Quality is below average”

According to the respected buyers, the sound quality is pretty much disappointing in RCA 32 Inch Smart TV. RCA should improve the sound system as much as the video quality.

Gamers, who have purchased the television as an addition to their gaming console, are totally disappointed. If you are planning for buying the television for gaming, you must bring some extra speakers as well.

The current and previous customers have found the sound system as basic as an analogue television.

To get the most of a smart television, there has to be some improvements in the sound quality. Customers have reviewed the sound quality below average in several sections.

“Free Roku in the device has made it great”

The common feedback about the RCA RTR3260 is the Roku. If you love streaming channels, there is no better option than having the complete Roku in your smart television.

Nevertheless, it is providing a nicer streaming platform for movie lovers. People are enjoying unlimited movies, shows and songs.

The intuitive and convenient interface of this version of Roku has been outstanding for some users. For the first timers, it was completely a new experience.

“No manual for setting up for the first time”

Some users have faced a terrible problem while setting up the television as there was no manual added with the RCA 32 Inch Smart TV package.

Also, there is no particular guideline for the new user in the RCA website. Though the procedure is quite easy, some people who are not tech-friendly, could use a manual for setting up.

A manual includes safety cautions and warnings too. It was necessary along with every package of the television. RCA should take care of such thing and add a universal setting up manual for the respected users.

tv remote of the RCA RTR3260 32 Inch Smart TV

“HDMI and USB ports are not well-located”

Some of the customers have bought the RCA RTR3260 for offices. To show any office documentation, it requires to have perfectly located connectivity ports. Unfortunately, they have found the HDMI ports less useful.

The designers could create a combined HDMI and USB HUB similar to the other smart televisions.

These were the commonly filed reviews from the previous and current customers of the television. Instead of having some minor sound, remote and port problem, the overall feedback is quite fascinating.

Now, let’s have a look at the stunning features of the television.

“Features: What does the television include?

720p LED Display: The first thing comes in mind after hearing the word “television”, is Display. The RCA 32 Inch Smart TV has the best LED display with a 720p rendering quality.

You will be able to watch HD movies and shows. The clarity is outstanding. Auto-brightness feature gives you the chance to enjoy videos without causing harm to your eyes.

The LED display is enjoyable from every corner of the room. Unlike the poorly installed LED display, the videos will not flicker or glitch. RCA has fulfilled their commitment about a crisp picture quality with the best visual comfort.

The Latest Smart Functionality: The RCA RTR3260 includes all the required technologies to simplify your life. Here are those:

  1. UI: The intuitive interface is easy to control and conveniently manageable. The user does not have to search for the screen buttons. All comes in a simplified Roku UI.

  2. Unlimited Contents: Accessing more than a half million TV shows and movies was never been so easy! Most of them are free and some are paid channels. Stream them with a working internet connection and let the fun begin!

  3. OTA antenna: Do you live in a place where internet connection or satellite is not available? No problem! The RCA 32 Inch Smart TV has Over the Air Antenna. So, you can turn your TV and enjoy national channels.

  4. Private Enjoyment: If your daughter is reading in the other room and your favorite show is going on, the private listening Smart feature is here to help you out.

    How? Well, turn your television and synchronize it with your smartphone. Now, listen with a headphone anywhere you go at home.

  5. Pause: When you want to take a screenshot, just pause any live show.

  6. Voice Search: Are you tired of looking for your favorite Netflix show using the keyboard?

    Turn on the voice searchin RCA RTR3260 and command the television to search over the internet for the show. It works with the particular iOS or Android mobile app of RCA only.

  7. Multimedia rendering: In any family gathering, sync the smartphone or tablet and watch photos on the large screen. The 720p LED display provides the best visual experience for you.

  8. Best Channels Top Chart: Roku has given the privilege to find out the free channels as well as top movies.

    If you are smart enough, get the unbiased suggestion of more than three hundred paid channels. Roku Search is available in RCA 32 Inch Smart TV when you have a fast bandwidth connection.

Good for everything: Some smart televisions are not capable of streaming Amazon Video.

This smart TV streams almost all types of video platforms including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, PBS Kids etc. You don’t have to find an external application to stream videos from these platforms.

Connectivity: For game lovers, there are HDMI and USB ports. Customize your gaming console and add them with the television. Monitor every move in your game in this 720p LED display.

In a fast and active Wi-Fi connection, stream anything from online. Roku platform allows a fair wireless technology policy. This is why, there is no complaint about the wireless connectivity.

The RCA RTR3260 is basically an all in one television. Whenever you are out of internet connection, switch it to a satellite cable channel. The switching is easy and smart.

And, when you are bored of watching shows and movies, turn on the radio. It finds all the local stations and provides a great radio experience.

In short, the television never lets you detached from entertainment.

Pros: Why This TV Can be Your Best Purchasing Decision?

  • Price: The price of RCA 32 Inch Smart TV is affordable for almost everyone. The affordability of the television is letting you to enjoy the Smart functionality.

  • Features: All the features are best in the market. Finding a Roku preinstalled television is quite difficult. Also, the flawless streaming feature in every popular platform has made it outstanding.
  • Design: The sleek design of the TV is a smart piece of work. The device adds an elegant look to your TV room. The bezels have made it stunningly great in look. Base stands are available for a firm positioning on the table.

  • Compatibility: The RCA RTR3260 is compatible with the other smart devices. The synchronization process is fast and does not take long. VGA port is a good way to render video from laptops and desktop PCs. The remote has 20 buttons for basic operations.

  • Durability: The television is durable and does not get easily damaged. To test the stability, you can run a free internet tour in RCA website.

  • Tech Support: With every package delivered, RCA offers a two month free technical support. Though a very few customers have asked for it as the setting up process is very simple, this is an advantageous side for many buyers.

Cons: What can be the problem after purchasing the television?

Sound: The sound quality is not satisfying. You may have to buy extra pair of speakers for enjoying the action movies and games.

Remote: The remote is light and has less durability. The user has to buy a universal remote for this. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the Proscan TV app activation code.

These are the commonly filed disadvantages of the RCA 32 Inch Smart TV. And, they are very minor ones. Overcoming them by adding some accessories can enhance your experience with the television.

Final Verdict: Is the TV Good for You?

If it matches with your requirement and budget, the television RCA 32 Inch Smart TV is highly recommended. Instead of looking for a low quality unknown branded TV, purchase the smart one from RCA.

As a well-established manufacturer, they offer you the best customer service. The features are extraordinary. It gives you the access to a huge entertainment field. There are two minor problems.

Those happens with other similar products from different brands too. When you can manage them to be okay, the television will satisfy you in every way. Have fun with this amazing television!

Buy the RCA 32 Inch Smart TV 720p Smart LED TV RTR3260 on Amazon

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